Getting Started

Fish just caught and held in two hands by kneeling man in blue jacket

Fishing is as old as humans, and there are many different ways to catch fish. Depends on your gear, the location, and what season it is.  First up, though, a licence is almost always required and the agencies are usually easy to talk to for any information and help you may need.  Talk to them first.

Will you be ocean fishing off a boat, off the beach or up the river?  The basic staples for any fishing are the rod and reel and these vary according to the type of fishing to be done.  Always consult an expert before you buy, and that goes for any equipment.

Fishing styles are trolling, jigging, fly and surf fishing to name a few for starters.

The next basic is bait.  Use the best available.  This varies for method and species, so ask around.  Take time to research, ask locals and listen to what they say, then be prepared to experiment.



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